Empty Cages: Facing the Challenge of Animal Rights

Empty Cages: Facing the Challenge of Animal RightsThe question of animal rights is an emotive one. It divides the population of the world right down the middle with one half of the population considering animals a resource to be exploited. One of the main challenges of animal rights is determining where to strike a balance. Should the world take the position of militant animal rights advocates and let all animals roam free without using them for food or amusement. Or should animals be used for food but not amusement?

The Book

Written by Tom Reagan, the book wades into the murky water of animal rights activism. One of the focuses of the book is trying to dispel the notion that animal rights activists are tree hugging weirdos. He goes on to peel the veil behind the notion of humane treatment of animals. He argues that telling people to treat animals in a humane manner is actually a license for cruelty. Reagan in this book establishes himself once again as a leading philosophical voice in the animal rights movement.

The book tries to moderate the view of the general public on the animal rights movement and sensitize them on the best course of action. It explains the rationale behind the movement and also a justification of the methods that activists use to push their agenda. The book is written in form of a manifesto. In the treatise, Reagan says that there should be a codified bill of animal rights which absolutely prohibits any kind of animal exploitation whether the exploitation is for food or any other purpose.

In his attempt to convince the skeptics, Reagan says that animals like mammals, birds and fish are what he refers to as subjects of a life. As such they the author argues that the animals have the capacity to be concerned with what happens to them. in Reagana’s argument. This is an indication that they have freedom form exploitation. The challenge with this argument is that animals end up having more rights than human beings because they cannot waive these rights. If they do not have the capacity to waive these rights under any circumstances for the benefits of anyone, how can they have rights?

Although there appears to have to be glaring holes in his argument, Reagan scores some serious emotional appeal when he narrates the suffering that animals in factory farms go through. Reagan shows his passion for animals through the exasperation with which he treats counter arguments against the animal right proponents.


Reagan comes across as determined and focused on making the world feel ashamed of the way it has been treating animals throughout the years. It is true that he achieved this to some extent. It is however noteworthy that the vast majority of the people who applaud the book are animal rights activist, they are able to get a well articulate vision of why they protect animals and what the role of human beings in the suffering of animals.


Top Tom Reagan Books

Tom Reagan is an American philosopher who was active in writing. Reagan had specialized in writing and campaigning for the animal rights and in the animal rights theory. Also, since 1967, Reagan was a professor in North Carolina State University.

What are Tom Reagan’s Top Books?

As a prolific writer, Tom Reagan has written a couple of which has struck the world of scholars and readers in a stance. Almost all of Reagan’s books address the issue of animal rights and the animal rights theory. Reagan argues that, though nonhuman, animals also have their moral rights and they should be treated with inherent value and respect. Among his top books include:

Top Tom Reagan Books1) The Case for Animal Rights

This is of the Reagan’s famous books. It addresses the need to treat animals in respect and value. In this book, Reagan goals include the exclusion of the use of animal in science, dissolution of animal agriculture for commercial rights, and prohibition of trapping and hunting sports and commercial activities.

Reagan is opposed in the way animals are treated through being eaten, by manipulation using drugs and surgeries, and also by exploiting them in sports or other commercial activities for money and fun. He is also opposed to how the animals such as cats and dogs are treated with contempt especially by the people who do not own them.

Empty Cages: Facing the Challenge of Animal Rights2) Empty Cages: Facing the Challenge of Human Rights

According to Jeffrey Masson, Reagan’s Empty Cages is the best book in the introduction to the issue of the animal rights. The book focuses on introducing the future generations to the importance of animal rights and fair treatment of animals.

The book also addresses the issue of negative image on animal that is instilled by the mass media, the issue of animal exploiters and the image they depict on animals, and how the existing laws only act to enhance institutional cruelty against animals.

3) Defending Animal Rights

Top Tom Reagan BooksThe book is made up of a collection of essays and ideas from individuals who have showcased their determinations in abolishing animal suffering, eliminate their exploitation, and reinstate the animals status quo. In relation to other movements that have succeeded in the past, Reagan links animal rights with movements such as antislavery, gay-lesbian, and feminism.

Reagan also addresses how human beings are entitled to the moral status and are subject to life. In this light, he chips in to bring the animals into the same context citing their value and need for respect.

4) The Animal Rights Debate

Top Tom Reagan BooksIn this book, Reagan questions on whether all animals have rights. He argues that most of the animals do not live in accordance to the animal rights. Reagan questions the ethicality in the usage of mice and dogs in the medical research and the use of rabbit, goats, and cattle for food.

Through using the animals in various purposes, Tom Reagan, among other philosophers, feels that human beings are not morally justified. Through these acts, humans overlook on the rights of the animals which have been put in place to protect them from mistreatment and disrespect.


Tom Reagan devoted all his life to learning and writing about animals and their moral rights. Together with his wife, Nancy, Reagan led as the co-founder and co-president of Culture and Animals Foundation (CAF). CAF is a nonprofit organization aiming at bringing together individuals with positive concern for the well-being of the animals.


Energy Conservation

Energy ConservationEnergy consumption implies the consumption of less amount of energy in a bid to conserve the rest for usage in other purposes or for later usage. Energy is the source of the driving source that is needed in many different operations.

As the world seek to discourage the use of non renewable sources of energy, energy conservation proves an effective way in making the energy from renewable sources enough for the world usage in the current times and for the future generations. Energy is highly consumed in industries, workplaces, transport, and at homes. Therefore, these are the points where energy conservation should be centralized.

What are the Easy Ways to Ensure Energy Conservation?

Research shows that US will be able to save over 1.2 trillion yearly on energy consumption at both domestic and industrial levels. Energy conservation is an effective strategy in ensuring environmental quality while it also increases in savings, national security, and household/personal financial security. The following are some easy ways to ensure energy conservation at both domestic and industrial level:

1) Energy Tax and Policy Implementation

Through high taxation on carbon and natural gases usage, many countries are able to control the utilization of energy. Others give a set of limits and guidelines on how to utilize some energy sources based on policies.

This strategy is effective in limiting the usage of energy especially at industrial level. At the same time, it helps in ensuring environmental conservation through reducing carbon and global warming gases emission, reducing pollution rate, and preventing the depletion of the natural resources.

2) Checking the Building Design

Nowadays, many individuals as well as governmental agencies have been considering use of energy audit or energy consultancy firms during construction of buildings in order to ensure energy efficiency and conservation in their buildings.

Currently, there are various building designs that allow the installation of technologies to harness energy from the solar system. Other technologies are designed to utilize minimum energy while also distributing the energy available for sufficiency in complex operations, for example, energy efficient bulbs, fans, or other home appliances.

3) Checking Energy Usage in Transport Sector

The transport sector has a lot of negative impacts on energy and environment conservation. First, use of fossil fuels for energy in the transport sector predisposes the environment to the dangers of ozone layer destruction. Second, transport sector consumes massive amount energy as fuel.

Thus, introducing means to ensure energy conservation in the transport sector is an important stride to take. This can be done through encouraging people to walk or cycle while travelling to short distances.

Also, many governments are considering allocating their civil servants with employment in cities or areas near their locality to prevent massive transportation of employees on daily basis. Some companies have also focused on production of vehicles, aircrafts, and other means of transport which are associated with energy efficiency in order to enhance energy conservation.

4) Checking the Consumer Products

Different products have been introduced to enable consumers to conserve energy at home and even in workplaces. These include LED light bulbs, Eco-Friendly ceiling fans, solar panels, and smart bulbs among other products. Use of these products at home is essential for energy and environmental conservation.


Energy conservation is essential for individuals and for the environment. First, it enhances one to cut down their spending on energy at home. This is important in increasing the financial stability for individuals and households. Secondly, it ensures environmental conservation through preventing over exploitation of the natural resources and also pollution.


Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife conservation is the protection of the plant and animal species as well as their natural habitats. The major goal of wildlife conservation is to ensure minimum interruption of the plants and animals in their natural localities. Thus, wildlife conservation aims at implementing measures and efforts to eliminate the challenges and threats that face them.

Who is Responsible for the Wildlife Conservation?

Protecting plants, animals, and the natural habitats from harm is a task that requires a collective approach from various individuals. First, the government is entitled to the protecting of wildlife through enforcing laws that regulate and control hunting, trapping, deforestation, poaching, and fishing among other activities.

Secondly, the local people are also responsible for the protection of wildlife. They can contribute through efforts such as preventing activities that leads to wildfire, deforestation, and wildlife hunting among other activities. The local people can also contribute through planting trees or providing food to wild animals.

Lastly, different organizations led by the United National Environmental Programme (UNEP) are also responsible for the protection of wildlife. These organizations contribute funds, educate and train people, conduct services, and also work with governments in the protection of wildlife. Other organizations include Conservation Reserve Program, and Wildlife Habitat Incentives.

What are the Major Threats and Challenges to Wildlife?

Wildlife ConservationWildlife faces a couple of threats from various dimensions. These threats are either naturally or artificially occurring or even brought about by man. First, climate change has really affected the stability of wildlife. Issues such as global warming, rising oceans and sea levels, temperature changes during various seasons, flooding, droughts, and hurricanes affect wildlife hugely.

Secondly, human activities such as pollution, uncontrolled hunting and poaching, mining, establishment of settlements and infrastructure, and also learning purposes have also posed a major threat to the wildlife. These activities target animals, plants, or even their habitats either directly or even indirectly.
Lastly, increase in population, both human and wildlife population, is a major threat to the stability and sustainability of wildlife. Currently, the available human population is pushing for the establishment of more and more settlements and food sources. Also, the available population of animals and plants demands more food and habitat sources. This poses a major challenge to wildlife.

Funding for Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife conservation activities include the establishment of agencies and departments that deals with the formulation and implement of policies and regulations. It also involves hiring of individuals to work in near or at the wildlife centers for close conservation care. This requires funding in order to ensure smooth processes.

Wildlife conservation acquires funding from different sources. Firstly, it acquires its funds from the federal and state governments, for example, Environmental Protection Fund (EPF). Secondly, it receives funds from the world or national organizations that are dedicated to its conservation. These include UNEP, Wetlands Reserve Program Funds, The Yukon Foundation, and Global Conservation Fund (GCF) among others.


Wildlife conservation is an activity that aims to sustain the presence of animals, plants, and their natural habitats. It necessarily aims at having minimum or no interruptions with the plants or animals. At the same time, wildlife conservation aims at sustaining the beauty of our environment which is highly promoted by the presence of a wide variety of plants and animal species.


Key Factors Why You Should Prefer Eco-Friendly Ceiling Fans

Key Factors Why You Should Prefer Eco-Friendly Ceiling Fans

Currently, there are so many technological advances that aim at introducing eco-friendly solutions in our daily lives. The LED lights, and Energy Star products, for instance, are among the new and advanced technological solutions available today.

The eco-friendly ceiling fans are among these newly and technologically advanced products. These fans are highly popular due to their efficiency in operation and in cutting down the fuel bill through saving energy.

Why Should You Prefer Eco-friendly Ceiling Fans?

In this era associated with environmental conservation and energy saving measures, eco-friendly ceiling fans may prove a solution to you. These fans have different factors that make them suitable for the ecology. The factors include:

1) Consume Less Energy

One of the essential features of the eco-friendly ceiling fans is that they utilize less energy especially while comparing them with the AC fans. They are made with light material and easy-to-roll motor that makes them easy to operate without necessarily spending a lot of energy.

The energy efficiency reduces the amount of energy spent in air regulation purposes. It cuts down the energy bills at home or workplace while sparing the rest of the energy to be utilized for other purposes.

2) Extremely Ultra-Quiet

The AC fans are known for operating with excessive noise. They may prevent other activities that need quiet environment from taking place. Unlike the AC fans, the eco-friendly ceiling fans do not emit noise while operating. Therefore, they can be used in silent rooms and other places where noise is not needed especially at home. One such ceiling fan is the Casa Esperanza from Casa Vieja that has been described on some ceiling fan review blogs to be stylish and budget friendly ceiling fan that is designed to fit your style and needs.

Key Factors Why You Should Prefer Eco-Friendly Ceiling Fans3) Ability to Move Hot Air In

The eco-friendly ceiling fans are effective in warming the air inside a room. Through their wall of heat, they warm the air before distributing it into the room. This makes a room warmer and less humid.
As the ceiling fan spins, the bimetallic strip attached to the fan gets warmer. The hotter the bimetallic strip, the higher the efficiency of the fan to warm the air inside a room. Therefore, the ceiling fans do not need extra energy in order for them to regulate the temperature of a room.

4) Easy to Install

The eco-friendly ceiling fans do not come with complicated systems for power connection, placement, and control. They are well modeled based on their self-starting and self-regulating functioning. You only need to fix a fan to its location or to place it on a stable ground where you need it to operate from.

5) Some do not Require Electrical Energy

Some eco-friendly ceiling fans are designed with self-starting and self-regulating functioning features. Therefore, you do not need to connect them to an electrical source in order to have them operate efficiently.

With light featured parts, ability to recharge, and optimum balance, the fans can easily regulate their functioning even without any need for electrical power. This makes them more energy efficient and attractive for home and workplace purposes.


The ecology requires effectiveness in energy, noise, and pollution management. At home or even in workplace, usage of high amount of energy is a major threat to the ecology. However, with the advanced technologies such as the eco-friendly ceiling fans, you can easily develop your simple eco-friendly plan through cutting down on your energy consumption. This will also help you to minimize the cost of energy.


Sensational Touch Massage

Sensational Touch MassageSensational chair massage can also be referred to as chair massage. It focuses on the areas which are highly affected by tension and fatigue such as neck, back, shoulders, arms, and hands. It is performed on a well-designed chair for 10-20 minutes depending on the intensity and the parts that require massage.

This type of massage is popular for producing effective results in body therapy within a short period of time. This mainly because chair massage focuses on massaging the greatest tension areas rather than just offering a soft massage over the whole body.

The Basics of the Sensational Touch Massage

The massage only requires a small area in order to be conducted. This may be a small area of about 5″ by 6″ in size. Such a space can comfortably host a therapist while allowing him/her enough room to make movements, massage chair, and offer you comfort while sitting and stretching your legs or arms where necessary.

The massage does not require you to remove clothing during the practice. There is no any significant need for you to take out your clothes. However, you may need to take off your sweater, jacket, or jewelry in order to avoid obstructing the process.

Sensational touch massage does not require usage of oil or lotion like the spa massage. The therapists, however, uses disinfectants to cleanse the chair before you sit on it. Also, you may need to wipe your face with a fresh-rest cover in order to ensure hygiene.

It is highly recommended for a recipient to tell the therapist about their preferred massage. This is based on the type of the recipient’s body and the sensitivity to pressure. The therapist is also quick to ask a recipient on their choice of massage.

Sensational Touch MassageIn the first 10 minutes of the sensational touch massage, a therapist focuses on relieving pain and tension on the great tension areas such as back, neck, and joints. Eventually, the therapist focuses on enhancing the relaxation of these parts through pressing and stretching these parts. Also, he/she proceeds to focus to other areas such as arms, hands, and shoulders.

By the last 5 minutes of the chair massage, a therapist proceeds to work on all the greatest tension areas while giving more attention to areas that require more focus. The neck, back, and shoulders may require more intervention in this session. The therapist may also choose to work on one specific part. However, you may need to instruct them prior to the onset of the massage process.

As a result of the massage, recipients should expect increased relation of their body parts. At the same time, the massage is effective in bringing back alertness and attention. Chair massage is also recommended for the pregnant women. The therapists operate with great caution and expertise. Therefore, they are keen to the needs of special needs recipients.

Chair massage is also associated with a number of contraindications. These include uncontrolled diabetes and hypertension, malignancy, numbness, and fracture among others. In this light, it is advisable for a recipient to inform the therapist about their condition before the onset of the massage.


Chair massage is effective in eliminating tension and pain in the body parts such as neck, back, arms, and shoulders among others. It is effective for the individuals who are used to long hours of work in the office or any other occupation that inflicts pain and tension on such body parts.


Gun Safe and Fire Ratings

Gun Safe and Fire Ratings

Ever pondered how a home safe or gun safe gets its fire rating? During your search for a safe, it is not coincidental for you to probably have seen a variety of ratings and been curious about what they meant. This article is all about giving you closure on such mysteries as well as some qualities you should consider when purchasing a gun safe.

Fortification from the ill-fated event of a fire

A lot of homes and gun safes on the current market today are layered with a fireboard very similar in appearance to drywall. This fireboard can be ¼ to 5/8 of an inch thick! It is composed of an amount of moisture in it such that when it is heated during a fire, the moisture is automatically released. This process maintains the cool temperatures of the interior for a longer period of time. The more the layers of fireboard, the longer the interior stays cool.

Other safes, on the other hand, have composite material sandwiched in between two steel layers. This composite material can be likened to a type of concrete, with the main difference being the fact that the composite material is a bit lighter in weight. The material takes up the role of insulating and keeps heat from probing into the interior of the safe in case of an inferno.

Another type of insulator installed in safes is the K-wool. The product is in the form of a blanket. It is commonly used to insulate pipes because it can easily be wrapped around curved surfaces. This product is however not recommended for gun safes as it specially designed for piper insulation. Pipes do not require insulation up to the temperature of a home or gun safe.

The best types of gun safes are those that are tested and certified independently. They are placed in optimal fire tests as well as via placing them in furnaces to test their endurance. Thermal couplings are strategically placed in the furnace and connected to an external computer. The furnace temperatures are then set to minimum and then maintained for test duration. Temperatures are then raised to maximum and analysis made. Since the tests are performed solely by the manufacturer, they may tend to be biased, and the rating could be made based on guesses.

When storing a gun, it is a wise idea to get the best fire rating you can afford. The expenses of a fire-rated safe can at times be an obstacle but getting the best comes at a cost!

With fire being an eminent threat, a gun safe is a vital component of your household. When purchasing a gun safe, there are questions you should ask yourself;

Gun Safe and Fire RatingsWhat material is used in the construction of the safe?

While all house safe have some form of insulation, gun safes have unique insulation properties. The build quality of a gun safe is the most important thing to consider before purchasing a gun safe. Most gun safes are made of steel. Steel is however not fire resistant. Safes with concrete linings, on the other hand, are highly recommended. Fire seals are also an added advantage. They ensure that smoke and heat cannot easily get into the gun safe. This keeps your guns safer if there is a fire.

How many layers is the safe made of?

Gypsum is the universally used material in home safes. When heated to 263F, it releases water vapor automatically. The vapor then cools the safe’s interior. The interior temperature of the safe remains at 200F-300F range until the moisture is scorched out of the gypsum. In addition, multiple layers of gypsum provide longer and higher ratings. Furthermore, the safe should be covered fully with fire insulation, no room for naked metal or hinge pocket cutouts.

Are all the vulnerable spots protected with this fire protection?

Doors are the most vulnerable spots of a gun safe. So it is wise to consider the type of door seals the product offers. The best type of seal is a Palusol seal. It is capable of expanding up to 7 times its size when temperatures reach 212 degrees! This property makes it possible for them to seal off both heat and smoke.

How is the safe rated? How was it tested?

When paying for a gun safe, fire ratings are more often than not overlooked. In fact, the fire rating should probably be one of the most important things you consider. The more gypsum a gun safe is made of, the higher the fire rating. It is fundamental to carry out some research on fire rating of a gun safe prior to purchasing it. The best gun safes are rigorously tested in ASME certified facilities. When it comes to the rating, be sure to weigh reports from independent laboratories against unverified factory testing.

Gun safes are quite expensive. Fires, on the other hand, are untimely disasters. Ensuring that your gun safe comes with a warranty is vital in ensuring that all your hard-earned money does not go to waste!

What really are the ideal fire safes for your gun?

The ideal fire safes are those constructed with inner and outer steel plates enclosing a poured fire insulating material thus creating a seamless fire barrier. These safes offer superior fire protection.

Guns are very dangerous when not handled appropriately. They should at all times be kept out of reach of children. So why not kill two birds using the same stone? Purchasing a fireproof gun safe is an awesome investment, not only will you be ensuring the safety of your loved ones, but you will also be assured that your gun is safe. If you are a gun fanatic, then a gun safe should be a vital component for your home. The name gun safe might indicate that only guns are to be stored, this is however not the case, other important documents can as well be stored in a gun safe.


Is It Legal to Use a Dash Cam In United States?

Is It Legal to Use a Dash Cam In United States

Using a dashboard camera is no longer a fad, as it used to be. People all over the world are now using them. Dashboard cameras, popularly known as dash, are extremely useful. They come with a wide range of benefits. However, before you purchase and install one in your vehicle, you should find out whether they are legal in your state.

Dash cameras pose two serious issues, which should be handled with extreme care. The first issue is obstruction and the second one is electronic surveillance. These two issues are handled differently in different states. Therefore, it is important to investigate how the law applies in your state, before you hit the road with a dashboard camera on your car.

Legality of Obstructed Views

Is It Legal to Use a Dash Cam In United StatesThe first legal issue that you may encounter when you purchase a dash camera is the fact that most of them are not installed on the actual dashboard, despite the name. Instead, majority are designed to be attached on the windshield, using a suction cup mounting system. The reason why this is a legal issue is that most jurisdictions or states have certain restrictions or limitations to the amount of obstruction on the windshield, by devices like dash cameras and GPS units.

The general requirement is that a dash camera should not obscure more than 5-inch square area on the driver’s side and 7-inch square area on the side of the passenger. If your dashboard exceeds these limits, then you might encounter some legal issues.

Some states have tighter restrictions while others have not placed any limitations on windshield obstruction. Therefore, it all depends on where you will be driving. To be on the safe side, it is advisable to contact the local law enforcement or talk to a lawyer, who is experienced in these matters. The good news is that most jurisdictions provide online access to such information.

Electronic Surveillance

Dash cameras are technically a form of electronic surveillance. The first issue that you might face is audio recording. In the United States, 38 states allow recording as long as one party consents. However, the remaining 12 states require both parties to consent, before you can record a conversation.
You should note that this audio recording law is not applicable to dash cameras in their usual state, unless recording a conversation happens. However, in a situation where the recorded conversation can be used as evidence in a court of law, then the law does not apply in the 12 states. Audio recording should not be a problem when it comes to dash cameras, since most of them cannot record outside audio. Most of them can only record internal conversation coming from inside the car.

Bottom Line

As you can see, you are on the safe side of the law, when it comes to electronic surveillance, in relation to dashboard cameras. However, if you intend to cross over to Switzerland, then you should know dashboard cameras are illegal there. In the U.S., and Australia, they are legal. Ensure you consult your local law enforcement authority with regards to the legality of dash cameras in your state.