Sensational Touch Massage

Sensational Touch MassageSensational chair massage can also be referred to as chair massage. It focuses on the areas which are highly affected by tension and fatigue such as neck, back, shoulders, arms, and hands. It is performed on a well-designed chair for 10-20 minutes depending on the intensity and the parts that require massage.

This type of massage is popular for producing effective results in body therapy within a short period of time. This mainly because chair massage focuses on massaging the greatest tension areas rather than just offering a soft massage over the whole body.

The Basics of the Sensational Touch Massage

The massage only requires a small area in order to be conducted. This may be a small area of about 5″ by 6″ in size. Such a space can comfortably host a therapist while allowing him/her enough room to make movements, massage chair, and offer you comfort while sitting and stretching your legs or arms where necessary.

The massage does not require you to remove clothing during the practice. There is no any significant need for you to take out your clothes. However, you may need to take off your sweater, jacket, or jewelry in order to avoid obstructing the process.

Sensational touch massage does not require usage of oil or lotion like the spa massage. The therapists, however, uses disinfectants to cleanse the chair before you sit on it. Also, you may need to wipe your face with a fresh-rest cover in order to ensure hygiene.

It is highly recommended for a recipient to tell the therapist about their preferred massage. This is based on the type of the recipient’s body and the sensitivity to pressure. The therapist is also quick to ask a recipient on their choice of massage.

Sensational Touch MassageIn the first 10 minutes of the sensational touch massage, a therapist focuses on relieving pain and tension on the great tension areas such as back, neck, and joints. Eventually, the therapist focuses on enhancing the relaxation of these parts through pressing and stretching these parts. Also, he/she proceeds to focus to other areas such as arms, hands, and shoulders.

By the last 5 minutes of the chair massage, a therapist proceeds to work on all the greatest tension areas while giving more attention to areas that require more focus. The neck, back, and shoulders may require more intervention in this session. The therapist may also choose to work on one specific part. However, you may need to instruct them prior to the onset of the massage process.

As a result of the massage, recipients should expect increased relation of their body parts. At the same time, the massage is effective in bringing back alertness and attention. Chair massage is also recommended for the pregnant women. The therapists operate with great caution and expertise. Therefore, they are keen to the needs of special needs recipients.

Chair massage is also associated with a number of contraindications. These include uncontrolled diabetes and hypertension, malignancy, numbness, and fracture among others. In this light, it is advisable for a recipient to inform the therapist about their condition before the onset of the massage.


Chair massage is effective in eliminating tension and pain in the body parts such as neck, back, arms, and shoulders among others. It is effective for the individuals who are used to long hours of work in the office or any other occupation that inflicts pain and tension on such body parts.

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